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V9 "Yudokuna" Drill Mixtape Avaliable for Pre Order NOW

Homerton's v9 is following up from his most recent single "Right or Wrong" alongside KO with a new mixtape called "Yodukuna".

It's been amazing to watch an artist like V9 truly form an identity with his music, and develop a unique sound that embraces his personality and image. The Japanese influences from the anime references, the backdrops in his music videos as well as the flute melodies he has been using recently bring this together nicely.

If he continues on this trajectory, Yudokuna certainly looks to be a breathe of fresh air in UK Drill in terms of projects being released. Even the title seems well thought through with "Yudokuna" roughly translated from Japanese means "poisonous".

The track list has been released on his instagram with Track 8 (Gasoline) involving our very own AV, and the bonus track (Drip) produced by Ghosty.

Make Sure you pre-order V9's mixtape Yudokuna here:


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