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Vershon, Jamaican Dancehall artist, talks to Finesse Foreva about his new EP

Vershon, a star in the Jamaican dancehall scene has released his new EP “Only One” which has previously been tipped for stardom on the BBC Radio 1Xtra’s ‘Hot For’ list. Executively produced by UK production trio The FaNaTiX, the ‘Only One’ EP musically uncovers Vershon in different perspectives. Celebrating his unique, equivocal style, ‘Only One’ masterfully balances Vershon’s credibility with an international pop sensibility, bridging the gap between London and Jamaica, assisted by a carefully curated line-up of contributors, as two of his tracks are shared with London’s rappers Chip and Trillary Banks. Other artists present on the projects are Busy Signal and Y Cee, offering a variety of styles and sounds blending perfectly together from Dancehall, Soca, R&B, Grime, and Afrobeat.

We met up with Vershon and we asked him few questions:

First of all, can you tell us who is Vershon?

I'm a dancehall artist from Kingston (Cockburn Pen). Vershon is representing all nice and beautiful ladies and single mothers and that is just a summary of Vershon.

How did you start to connect with the music and at what age?

I started to sing at around 9 years old, I started singing in church because I'm from a Christian background. When I started high school we had Fair Day and Sports day where we used to do different acts, all the teachers and other students always encouraged me to sing as they used to say I had a nice voice, so from there I started to take it seriously.

We know that reggae music had influenced lots of our day's music, from the ska/rocksteady of the 60s to the roots and the dancehall of the 70s and 80s, inspiring and creating new styles, what influences all these sounds had on your music?

I listen to all the old school sounds, especially the old school dancehall, that's what influenced me the most and from where I learn the most. It helped me to express myself and grow artistically. I'm definitely an old school type,

"Only One" is your new EP, we noticed that you have two songs with two London artists: Chip and Trillary Banks, how did you come about these collaborations?

The connection was made through the FaNaTiX, as they are from London too.

What do you think about the UK music scene at the moment, and what about the music scene in Jamaica?

I really like the UK music scene at the moment, especially the rap scene, they're really doing well, I'm loving it! I'm a big fan. In Jamaica there are lots of upcoming new artists every day, I think in Jamaica every day a new talent is born, the only problem music is concerning at the moment is unity, unfortunately, this is what is altering the dancehall scene now.

Are you planning other collaborations with more British artists?

I would definitely love to collaborate with more international artists, not just British, but also African and from other countries in Europe. I just love to make music that makes sense, and that sounds good and feels good, I love to make music that people can enjoy.

This year is been a year to forget due to the Pandemic, are you looking forward to going back to perform live?

I'm definitely looking forward to going back to the live shows, I feel like the places are slowly reopening, not everywhere, but I'm feeling positive and I can't wait to come to London too.

The EP is OUT NOW, click here to listen on all platforms.


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