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#Warszn: Trillary Banks vs Nolay (and the REAL REASON Pacman TV was listed as a song writer)

It's war season and Trillary Banks is coming for head tops. After her Hotspot Freestyle, she dropped 'RIP Auntie Nolay'

This was a good step to showcase why she's nothing to play with and I'm glad to see that competitive spirit in the UK scene.

If you want to be the best you gotta challenge the best. I did feel Nolay was a massive gamble but as a mc you gotta have that faith that you can defeat anyone.

The record is solid, not a KO but it deserves acknowledgement. I like her confidence and her flow patterns. Lyric wise, she did hold it down but she will have to step it up a extra gear if the war drags out.

It's always dangerous not to go for the kill straight away, you may give the opponent better time to prepare for a comeback.

I respect the confidence that Trillary showed to call out arguably the most dangerous mc in the culture. Miss La Familia I felt would of also been a worthy opponent and after that Hotspot freestyle if La Familia stayed silent she could of claimed victory.

Two buzzing female mc's who are on similar trajectories that could of boosted both their careers.

However this war is Nolay's to lose, Trillary has everything to gain and a win against arguably one of the most feared mc's in our history will be career defining.

Then two days later 'The Godmother' came back to defend her throne.

Nolay was on the receiving end of a solid diss track from Trillary Banks and you know she wouldn't take that lying down.

After her beef with Wiley this year which never truly materialised, I know she was waiting for someone to test her. She got her wish and the veteran didn't come to play.

'Corn' produced by Sevaqk will satisfy Nolay fan's and show doubters why she's considered one of the GOATS.

From her confidence and delivery, she is so dynamic that she commands attention on this riddim with force.

My biggest criticism toward the vet is her beat selection and soundscape. This is one of her best instrumental selections and needs to be on more of these beats asap.

Lyrically, I feel Nolay didn't truly black out like she could but I feel she was holding back just incase of a rebuttal.

Doesn't take away from the fact that 'The Godmother' continues to prove after all these years, she's still one of the most dangerous mc's our culture has ever produced.

Male or Female.

If I was going to say who's winning right now. Nolay has the edge but this battle needs a second round to truly see who outright won the war.

It's time for Trillary to come back and respond to Nolay statements. A full music video with bar's moving away from tired physical appearance digs, that won't work against a lyricist like Nolay.

This is good for the scene and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Before round this out, after watching Pacmantv video that was posted hours before my tweet, and some research of my own, here is the ACTUAL REASON, why his name was listed as a songwriter.

As you can see here, yes Pacman is listed as a song writer, but its not as dubious as some immediately thought. What's happened is, when he has entered his information to the distribution company (tunecore in this case) he has entered his info correctly, in that his is a digital distributor of the song making him entitled to streaming royalties only. The problem is, you can't neceessarily see until afterwards how that meta data is listen on streaming platforms such as spotify, and in the case of tune core, this is how its listed. So co clarify, no, Pacman tv is not actually listed as a songwriter in that sense, neither is he claiming publishing royalties as a song writer. This is also the case of every single release Pacman Tv facilitates.

As you can see on the left, all the freestyles on pacman tv that are on streaming platforms are listed in the exact same way.

Now before you say "but none of the other platforms do this, pacman tv is moving dodgy" that's not true either, as you can see on the right, Joey clipstar's "Hardest Bars" freestyles are listened yet again in the same way and probably through the same distribution service. No, before the words even come out of you mouth, Joey clipstar is not claiming song writing royalties.

Hope that clears everything up.

#Warszn is still in effect so enjoy the war dubs and competition between rappers because there may be more to come.


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