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Youngs Teflon is an example of a different type of lyricist with "Old Trafford" part two

Lyricism isn't just punchlines, it's also finding unique ways of articulating a story or a feeling rather than just rhyming as many words as you can.

With his next mixtape "Call of Duty 3" available for pre-order, Youngs Teflon drops part 2 to "old Trafford". Whilst it is football themed, it isn't just a load of generic football punchlines crammed into a song. the use of metaphors, juxtaposition and analogies makes is to much more impressive

Free bro he's a shooter he was 19 with a scoring record

The instrumental is another one of the more solemn trap beats that youngs teflon thrives on and Ess West does a brilliant job here. The video is quite nostalgic and relatable, just a couple of lads going to football practice, but its the contrast with the street underbelly that he raps about in certain shots that ties it all up in a neat little ribbon.

Stream part 2 of "Old Trafford" here:


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