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A Conversation with Ghosty

The drill producer scene is going off right now. The beats have never been better, and Finesse Foreva is at the forefront, curating an environment that shows a promising future both in the UK and stateside. In a genre that is constantly pushing itself on the production side, it was only right that we spoke to someone in the thick of it all to help us get their perspective on drill and where they see it going.

So today we're bringing back the 'conversation with' column and got to ask one of drills's elites - Ghosty a couple of questions on his start, his career, and plans for the future.

How did you get your start in producing?

I started djing at around 12 years old, which Soon led to getting into the actual production side. At 15 I downloaded FL studio. Started with trap beats (the whole Lex Luger movement was popping around this time) and I was doing this on and off until two years ago when I decided to take this serious and jump on drill. But in short, it all came from my passion for music.

How would you describe your sound?

I’d say my sound is dark and energetic.

What's been the biggest moment of your producer career so far?

Probably No Diet. The track definitely brought a lot of light to my name and was my first big placement.

Are there any other genres you'd like to dabble in other than drill?

Of course, I feel all producers should as it helps develop your sound. I dabble in trap, afro swing, riddim, jump up etc. A wide range.

How did paper cuts with dave come about? did the 'drop the drill tune' hype effect you at all?

I had a beat called “Connect” that was creating noise on YouTube. It has over half a million views right now. A lot of people was jumping on it & eventually, Dave wanted a remastered version which is what you hear now. Some other guy decided to co-produce and got credits. All he did was add some effects and that. I wasn’t told about this until the release and really and truly I should take that down because that’s skunked behaviour…

Who do you think sounds the best on your beats?

22Gz, Woosh and NitoNB.

Speaking of 22gz, how did the link up come about in the first place?

I've been in contact with his manager for a long time. I sent him a pack and 22 made a banger… we got a whole album that’s due to come out soon so watch out for that.

What was the highlight of the FF trip to ny last month? (apart from free drinks on the flight?)

LOOOL the free drinks on the flight was lovely. And to be honest the whole vibes of the city is just crazy. could easily move out to there as it's just like London but bigger.

DJ Semtex recently tweeted that 'UK producers run New York'. How did you feel about that statement?

We run the drill community in every city let alone New York. It's crazy because the sound was pioneered here it's like you need to be in this community to get the sound down.

What do you think are the pros and cons of producer groups?

It's all long I can’t lie. Good to connect with others but in the long run its a myth.

Do you think the FF producer camp's have been good for the scene? And have you been hit by the infamous tissue yet?

It's been great for the scene. Good to see new faces and hear the upcoming guys. and that's impossible.

Do you have any personal ambitions for 2020?

Not really. Just need to keep focused and inject the sound to every city.

What's your advice to producers just starting out?

Graft graft graft.

And lastly, what you currently listening to?

Pop Smoke and all things drill.


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