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A Conversation With… Reeko Squeeze

At Finesse Foreva we keep our ears to the streets with music and we’re seeing drill pioneer and underground favourite Reeko squeeze making a few moves on the low. with a new song out a couple weeks ago and even more in the vault, we hit him up for an interview and he was good enough to answer our questions about his output, his career, and his future plans.

So we’re bringing back another edition of A Conversation With… and bringing you an insight into the Str8 Authentic rapper’s mind, Reeko Squeeze.

So jump straight in and see what came out of it!

I’ve always seen you as a versatile artist and I feel like you like to touch a lot of different types of beats. With that in mind, where do you see yourself in the game, would you call yourself a drill rapper?

Nah I wouldn’t call myself a drill rapper as I grew up and was influenced by other types of rap. I defo helped pioneer and set that scene off so call me whatever.

Is there a style of music you haven’t touched that you want to show off?

Yeah there are a few but I like to wait till the time is right for me. I don’t feel like I’ve mastered RAP just yet.

Even apart from Chosen One I’ve seen a snippet going round of new music from yourself. Can we expect a new project this year?

Most probably but I feel like I need to get back to the old me, with my workrate and content before I put out a body of work.

Your last project was a sequel to Child’s Play. But I think your tape with Carns Hill is your hardest – would you do another project with him?

I respect it and funny enough me and Carns got a few things cooking in the pot. Just all about timing atm.

One of the best tunes on Child’s Play 2 was Road Rage with Kwengface. Since then you’ve done Block Bully together. Where did the Zone 2 link come from?

Yeah I like that one as well. Me and Kwengface been making music for a while back, not sure how we met but probably music related.

What do you think of our Drill Freshman List and if you had to make a pick for a newcomer who would it be?

Haha, to be very honest I hardly ever check these lists people do on rappers because I think or I know better, so I’m not sure. There is definitely a new set of drill artists coming through right now and I love it.

You were an early starter on drill. And since you came out it’s changed a lot. What’s one thing you want to change in drill in 2020?

It’s true so much has changed but its always been the same foundations that everybody still uses till this day. I’m hoping the drill scene creates different characters instead of the same styles, images of lifestyles we see all the time.

I mention this in the article but you had a pretty big run a couple years ago where it seemed like you were dropping a new song like every other week. Since then you’ve slowed down but as someone putting out music which one do you think is better, flooding the market or taking your time?

I tell people all the time everybody has different formulas that will work for them. Certain artists succeed from taking their time and planning, but others succeed by flooding the game with content. I think that’s what works best for a guy like me and my image.

What advice would you give to a younger version of your self at the beginning of your career?

The message I’d give to a younger version of me is to always invest in yourself no matter what. It’ll benefit you later on down the line, never give up at any stage you want to get to in life is always possible if you believe in yourself.

What’s your label situation like nowadays, and which would you prefer: label or independent?

At the minute no major labels or minor haha. I was working with a distribution service for my last project and to be honest it slows me down and doesn’t really suit the way I make my music. There’s a few situations in the air for me but seriously, I enjoy being independent and making my own money - I just need to make more than the labels are offering.

You can check out reeko's last drop below and keep your eyes on finesse foreva for more music and more content.


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