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Black history Month at Finesse Foreva: Meek Mill

To commemorate Black History Month this year, Finesse Foreva will be celebrating one artist, musician, or black icon each week to profile. We will be focusing on a wide range of people that have a contribution to Black History and what it means to be a black man or woman today. Check back each week to read up on our picks!

Rap music tends to hold a negative perception. It is commonly associated with violence, seen as threatening and non educational. Meek Mill has altered these views on rap music as he speaks about real life experiences and traumatic encounters. He is a passionate rapper with no filter and his reality is articulated. This attracts most people to his music and him as an artist.

Meek comes from one of the roughest areas in South Philadelphia. In a place like that it is normalized for someone to get shot and arrested on a daily basis. Sadly, most black people in the US have been wrongly accused by the police. Meek Mill has helped to bring awareness of what the system, the state and the police have been doing to innocent black people or even black people who have committed petty crimes. 

In summary, Meek himself was accused of pointing a gun at police officers. Although, anyone with common sense would know this would be impossible without a shot being fired at Meek. He was beaten up by the police and sent to jail. He was on probation from 19 to the age of 32 and was stuck in the criminal justice system. His unfortunate situation helped people realise there are many people like Meek that are stuck in the system.

Meek has managed to do a lot for the black community, he teamed up with Jay Z to pledge $50 Million to get innocent people out of prison. Although, Meek made it clear he is aware there are dangerous people who belong in prison. I agree with Meek, rehabilitation is not always the answer. Some people are even drug addicts and just need to go to rehab. Meek was one who experienced imprisonment for a petty crime. He was sentenced 2-4 years but served 5 months for doing a wheelie (raising the front of the wheel of a bike while it’s moving).

As a black man depression and trauma is ignored by society. Whilst Meek was in prison he expresses he was unable to create music because of his depression. When he comes out he illustrates what he went through and his prison struggles. He communicates how much of an impact this tragedy had on him. He talks about his freedom being taken from him and being stuck in a dark place. Meek mill has inspired and uplifted the black community. Seeing his own father shot dead in front of him, hearing the screams of people being raped in prison and being locked up 23 hours a day. He wants people to be aware of these issues and he has successfully acted on these issues by making changes for the black community. 

Meek is a highly influential role model for the black community through his music and what he stands for outside of his music.

Championships is definitely my favorite album from Meek, it is raw and authentic content. His struggles are put to light, and he acts on these so people don’t have to experience what he went through. This is my way of saying Meek Mill is an icon and he deserves to be acknowledged for the black history he is in the process of creating.


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