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Fekky "Daily Duppy" is it really that bad?

Daily Duppy is a excellent platform to show off your lyrically ability and to get some extra promotion for your new single or project. With Fekky recently releasing his new album "4Life" he also dropped A Daily Duppy. Resulting in mixed results from fan's and critics.

Outspoken critic and Uk personality Lippy from State Of The Culture and The Listening Party was one of the first to publicly express his feelings on the performance.

He wasn't a fan, then a back and forth happened between the two on social media. Now I know Fekky isn't a lyricist but he has had some solid verses during his career.

his lane is more high tempo energy with a mix of crud talk and street life tales.

Some will still argue he had the best verse on the "Don't Waste My Time" Remix. Also his energy and how he implements his ad-libs created his own style.

After listening to the freestyle, I can definitely see what Lippy was trying to say (with regards to this performance)

I'm not sure if it was the beat or maybe Fekky was trying something new but I didn't get that same charismatic energy that Fekky is known for.

Many comments under the video feel the performance was underwhelming or just not for them. Everyone has a bad showing once on a while but with 8 years under his belt, doing things his own way, you gotta respect it.

no publicity is bad publicity they say

"4life" is out now


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