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Sav 12 isn't watching the hate after "MY ZONE" WITH SOPHIA GRACE

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Artwork for Most Wanted Sav x Sophia Grace - My Zone

#MOSTWANTEDSAV AKA SAV12 HAS HAD A VERY SOLID 2019. KNOWN FOR HIS COLLABORATIONS WITH FELLOW WEST LONDON RAPPER S1, his work rate in terms of releasing good quality music this year has been excellent.

vocal uk drill fans always felt s1 always out performed sav12, but many of his most vocal critics have to admit he has greatly improved and is a worthy candidate for "most improved artist" of 2019. or even mvp.

fans giving him praise for his verse on "back2back 2.0" with s1 and a show stealing performance on "bring it back" ft balistik (zt)

improving his flow and lyrical wordplay but still keeping his gruff flow that makes those bars hit.

even his solo material "horrid" "isit" "judas" "max prestige" are all solid releases that proves he doesn't need a feature on records.

even his production choices haven't gone unnoticed, showing he's looking to be more versatile with his beat section.

but has all this progress been tarnished?

on july 28, viral star and singer sophia grace released her new single "my zone" featuring the west London rapper.

It was not received well my some, currently at 200k plus views but with a like/dislike ratio of 5.7k to 4.9k

countless comments on how the single is a fake sell out attempt or how they feel the single is terrible.

but sav12 has kept a tremendous workrate that can't be easily overlooked. especially when looking over his progress this year. IN his own words "Haters garn hate but there still gonna have this on repeat", and fans will still bumping his whole discography not matter what.

fans and vocal critics may bring this song up to discredit the rapper but i'm positive sav has got more release planned and will have a strong year.


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