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Style and Pattern pushing drill into new territory

Uk Drill is not usually a genre that focuses on radio sets. The idea of having a bunch of mcs all in the same room with some beats rolling and passing around mics, is usually one that is associated with grime, not Drill. Grime literally built an entire culture to go along with this idea, and it's what i personally love about grime.

There are freestyle platforms everywhere for UK drill, but most of them are pre=recorded, so you don't get to see what they can do in a live setting.

Cyphers tend to be a rap specialty, although plenty of drill cyphers have been done, they are quite rare and the large platforms either aren't pushing them or simply aren't investing in the idea. There is plenty of evidence that there is demand for it, look at westwood's crib sessions and how popular they were and the rise of Blackbox cyphers. Dj oblig has been known to run drill instrumentals in his radio sets and the response has been great.

The whole point of a radio set, is that you get a competitive environment that artists can show off their natural talent, and really show you they can rap. catching a drop at the right time, trying out new lyrics and flows in a live setting, it's not something every studio artist can do. It forces you to get better at rapping because you don't have unlimited takes and a talented engineer to hide behind. can your favorite Drill rapper spit a full 64 bar from his hit song without fumbling the bag?

Style and pattern however are pushing both. The style and pattern radio show is what i would have envisioned if drill attempted to take on that radio culture that grime was born with. Give them beats and just let them got at for 10 minutes.

another aspect of what is great about radio sets is that the DJ's get to show off their skills behind the decks. Selecta YB is a great host, and it combining his skills on the decks with some exclusive beats from talented producers adds another dimension to it. They've picked up beats from our very own Zimmz, AVproducer and likkledotz. this gives another way for the producer in his bedroom to get noticed because he can send his beats to dj's to play on their radio sets, and mcs on set may inquire about the beats they are rapping on.

There aren't many drill rappers that excell as performers, I wouldn't call them wordsmiths in the same way many grime mcs are currently. Radio culture helped a whole generation hone their skills and master their craft, and as a result stand out. Drill could use this to nurture the next generation of drill rappers.

Taking it a step further, what about drill clashes? Imagine if a DJ dropped a drill dub-plate? Imagine if Selecta YB or Kenny All star dropped an OFB dub-plate? imagine if russ clashed s1? imagine if Bkay clashed m1onthebeat? Just the thought of truly implementing the radio culture that has worked so well for grime for literally two decades breeds so many opportunities.

I hope style and pattern establishes radio culture into drill because the possibilities are endless, shout out to everyone working working behind the scenes, Ibrahim, everyone on pulse 88 radio and Zeph the videographer.


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