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The FF Uk Drill Freshman List 2019

Here it is, The FF UK Drill Freshman list 2019 here is the actual list, in no particular order:

Finesse Foreva UK Drill Freshman List 2019 Y.OFB Woosh Teeway Trapx10 Frosty S13 Y.CB K Rose SD Muni M24
Artwork by @DES11GNERXL on Twitter

1. Y. OFB

Do we even need to explain this?

2. Woosh

His immaculate wordplay, unorthodox flow outside of the beat, the staple mask, there is no way Woosh doesn’t make the cut. He has the best HB Freestyle of 2019 (yes, we said it, feel free to argue among yourselves), and that shows how elite his lyricism is. The debut mixtape “Gang Unit” is out now on all digital platforms.

3. Trapx10

Trapx10 has climbed the ladder extremely quickly, and is being considered as one of the top lyricists in drill. When you are being mentioned in the same sentence as artists such as KO, PS and Digga D, you’re definitely doing something right. However, Trapx10 needs to be wary of the quality of his production, beats and mixing, as well as develop some different flows, as after listening to “Clean Run” that could be what holds him back. At the same time “Anything you need” shows his capabilities as a song writer on the same tape, bouncing well off of Kilo Jugg showing versatility.

4. M24

Yes, M24 has been around for a long time, but it is only now that M24 has got the breakthrough he always deserved with "We don't Dance". His work rate is incredible,and has a trademark flow and signature adlibs to go with them which shows individuality. With plenty of solos and features to back this up, an M24 project would certainly be appealing right now. In the mean time, look out for Ay Caramba.

5. Teeway

Teeway, is a complete rapper which has something more about him than just being a “good rapper”. He delivery is flawless, his voice is unique and compelling, and songs such as “Honda Civ” show that he can write a hook too. His punchlines give him plenty of Quotables to remember him by, he simply needs to start challenging himself artistically and make an attempt to be versatile, and see what bodies of work he could create.

6. Frosty

He got Kodak Black skanking out to drill, and the whole drill scene screaming 3Frosty, with only two songs out, all whilst being inside of prison and being unknown as a rapper in the Drill Community until then. This whole list would be void without Frosty.

7. SD Muni

SD came with a skippy flow that shocked the scene, the gas levels as a result are extremely high with his tracks. “The Start” was more like an space shuttle lift off, it was huge for SD, and the unique take on Drill was instantly noted and respected. We are yet to see him push his freestyle-type formula to its limits, and test his song writing ability, but the flows and punchlines he delivers at his age are extraordinary. Honestly, the name caused some internal turmoil when discussing if he should make the list, but we concluded that his success in such a short space of time earned him a spot on this list.

8. S13

S13 is another artist that shines in this “punchline drill” trend that is everywhere in UK Drill at the moment. His work rate does drastically need to improve if he wants to get to the next stage, however you could certainly imagine S13 holding his own on a solo tape, and has shown he can just as disrespectful as other names in Drill. S13 can lyrically hold his own alongside other names on this list, however we are yet to see any songwriting ability from him.

9. Y.CB

This list is starting to look like a 7th street take over, but honestly, that’s because a year from now it will be, and in terms of youngers in 7th Street, Y.CB is leading the charge. As a result, the name Y.CB has impact, 7th Street and Y.CB are guaranteed to be mentioned in the same sentence. His tracks show why he has earned that level of respect being another UK Drill rapper that is simply complete, and his consistency has help hone his abilities.

10. K Rose (Editors Favourite)

K Rose doesn’t have as much impact, or have a discography that is great as some of the others on this list. However, this list is about potential to get to the next stage, and showing which artists have the foundation to build from. That is something that K Rose certainly has in spades, coming out of nowhere and showing that he can write a track, and pick his instrumentals well so that they fit with his flows. Notice flows, plural, K Rose switches flows within the space of 10 seconds almost effortlessly, and that is a skill that can hold someone’s attention, take his Next Up freestyle for example. He may not have the name yet, but as a rapper he is not only complete, he has a skill that makes him unique.

Your favourite isn't here? Check out our Honorable mentions, and look at the criteria we used to make this list.


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