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There is more than one archetype of woman in the UK rap scene, you just have to look

Women are having a resurgence in UK music, especially in mcing/rap. A influx of talented artist are bursting through that glass ceiling building a solid community where they can flourish freely.

Becoming financially independent and catering to a fan base that has been screaming for some representation on the main stage.

Stefflon Don has been one of leaders leading into this new era and has been seen as the current queen based on a mix of her popularity, ability and versatility.

Current mc's like Ivorian Doll, Lavida Loca, Miss La Familia & Shaybo all fall under that 'Boss B*tch' archetype. Rapping over hard hitting and base heavy instrumentals speaking about their struggles, come up, hustling or braggadocios lines from a women's point of view.

But with all these mc's in the same lane they have received some negative criticism. Now I do feel that you should be able to rap about whatever you feel like.

If it's about the fast life with content retaining to sex, drugs and violence then fair enough. The problems arise when that's the only message being featured.

A similar problem that Hip Hop and UK Hip Hop suffered as well. Many complained that the only music getting recognition and chart success was Gangster/Road Rap which was true.

But over the generations, musical taste started to change and fans were calling out for a difference.

Now artist like Stormzy and Dave give fans freedom of choice and diversifying the landscape. This however took time.

With our women the main spotlight is being shined on mc's who follow a certain archetype which isn't there fault. The industry doesn't allow diversity until they see potential financial profit.

Since the 'Bad Girl' image is the most popular, that will be the most pushed. Identical to what happened to Male mc's before.

Just the balance is just a bit better.

Artist like Little Simz who is one of our scenes greatest talents has been largely ignored by the mainstream. When she's one of the industry most celebrated act's, the US has embraced her more than her own which is sad but shows how unbalanced the scene is.

Another future star Truemendous is one of the best lyrically gifted mc's I've seen in year's, her pen game is elite level mixed with her infectious personality, she's a future star.

Still she doesn't get a big enough push, not as much as other women in the scene who I'll argue are not as talented her.

A bit of balance would help change the view that many fans and critics have.

"They only talk about money & sex"

That's not the truth, that's just one side of the coin, which is fine but not a true representation of all women in the rap scene.

Fan's are also to blame, they bring the demand but demand the same thing too often. We can't complain about no diversity in content when we continually promote that same content.

If you look hard enough you can find some great mc's who all don't sit in that familiar lane. But don't go and discredit those who are.

Some of them show great promise and shouldn't be shunned.

The ecosystem is large and fruitful enough for the scene to expand even further. Platforms need to more research and opportunities.

Here are my selection of songs, including ones I have already cited, that you should listen too for a full view of British women in the rap scene

We have fountain of talent, You just have to look.

Lady Sanity - 'Session At Maida Vale Studio's'

C Cane - 'Spin Ya' from Dizzee Rascal ft P Money

TeeZandos - 'Highlander'

Nolay - 'Corn'

Nayana Iz - Partner in crime

Flo Hio - Unveiled


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