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Uk Drill censorship - Can their be any benefits?

I don't think their has been a genre heavily criticised and targeted like UK Drill in UK music history.

From Punk Rock, Grime, UK Road Rap. Artist can literally go to prison for saying something in a single.

Not even hardcore US hip hop went through this when it was controlling the radio.

Verses are heavily censored (unfairly) to the point where you can't understands 8 bar's from a single.

I'm fully against the rule and see it as politicians and police enforcement using it as a smoke screen to not tackle the true problems effecting our young people.

But that's a blog for a different day.

So let me be devil's advocate and see if I can find any legitimate pro's to match the many con's on this controversial topic.

1. It can protect major platform's.

Many of the leading UK platform's were understand intense pressure from the public and high profile figures to tone down all the aggressive content. Some could of seen their channel's shut down.

With censors, at least new UK Drill act's can still benifit from these platform's connections because they do benifit the industry. Countless jobs could of been at risk.

2. Some of the lyrics did go to far

No one can deny, some UK Drill act's went too far with their bars.

Dissing individuals who died on song's is not going to be liked by the majority of the landscape.

That child's parents may have watch that video or seen clips of it online. It's far from something anyone can condone.

Favourites tracks of mine from the genre have a different feel knowing more about what these rappers are talking about and it does make me listen to them differently.

3. Thinking outside the box

The old age criticism towards the genre is "They all sound the same" while not correct it can be argued UK Drill rappers recycled punchlines and phrases countless times.

How many times have you heard "How Many Times....." lol

Or Shank,Wet,Bore,Dip,44 etc.

The formula needed to change.

Doesn't mean you can't talk the maddest crud. You just gotta be more creative. KO with his new single "Any" is a perfect example.

A single with the familiar drill subject matter but said in a complex and engaging manner.

Even better, it was not heavily censored.

It's not what you say but how you say it.

4. Help stop self snitching.

Yes, too many self snitch on verses.

You don't need to always say "I chefed up......" Even if your lying the police will still start looking.

It's no problem keeping bar's more ambiguous.

Look what happened to Bobby Shmurda.

The law is absolute bulls*it but we can work around it as a scene.

Artist, please write safely and continue to express the love and pain from your communities.



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