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What will be the legacy of Meek Mill?

Meek Mill has garnered a career of two side's and they can be described as 'Before Back 2 Back' & 'After Back 2 Back'

I'll argue Meek is the best street rapper of his generation. If your talking anthems for bruddas in the trenches, Meek was that voice that everyone gravitated to.

A prime example is his remix of "Ya'll Don't Hear Me Tho".

His freestyle over the NY legend Fabulous track was engaging and raw. How Meek could paint a story was refreshing, he had this energy that made you believe every word, lyric or bar that left his mouth.

This was found all over his original 'Dreamchasers' mixtape but things wouldn't reach it's apex until 'Dreamchasers 2'

For me his best project and one of the best mixtapes of its era. This is the album that made the Dreamchasers series so infamous.

Released the same year as his major label debut 'Dreams and Nightmares' fan's preferred 'DC2' but 'D&N' produced one of the greatest intros in hip hop history and had hits for the radio.

With both project's doing exceptionally well, Meek was known as one of the superstars of this new era. Plus he was the new voice of the streets which is one of hip hops most lucrative market's.

Aside from having a back and forth with fellow Philly rapper Cassidy, Meek didn't have many issues. Until 2015

I'm sure you know the story already but Meek had his famous Twitter rant calling out Drake for Ghostwriting. Also for not tweeting out his sophomore album 'Dreams Worth More Than Money'

At the time this broke the internet and the whole entertainment industry was taking notice.

Meek going as far as to identify the ghost-writer as Quentin Miller, a local rapper from Atlanta. Meek Mill's claims received support from Funkmaster Flex, an American hip hop DJ on New York City's Hot 97 radio station.

Reference tracks were leaked for the soon-to-be Drake songs, "10 Bands", "Used To", "Know Yourself" and his guest verse on "R.I.C.O."

But things went into a different direction when Drake dropped "Back To Back"

This was the biggest turning point in Meeks career that many argue has stunted his growth for year's.

So what was the career of Meek Mill like after? Many downs and ups.

Either trouble with other rappers or with the law. His problems with probation has been a hindrance towards his growth and serving time.

But how he carries himself on social media has also got him into unnecessary situations.

Being known more for his Twitter fingers than his actual music these are the criticisms that his biggest detractors bring up.

A decade plus in the game the respect Meek Mill holds in the culture is diluted to a point where many see him as a joke which is unfortunate. Especially with his career and accolades.

Number 1 album's & certified hits and street anthems that was played from radio to strips club's and raves. In this new era I feel that is becoming forgotten.

His ongoing squabbles with DJ Akademiks had good intentions but now has become embarrassing. Even more for him than the hip hop personality.

Going viral on clubhouse and becoming more of a target on social media, deleting all the good intentions.

I believe he hasn't evolved as a artist or transitioned into a label boss role like his mentor Jay Z.

Compared to fellow artist from his class he hasn't had that evolution. Drake, Kendrick, J Cole have showed a clear artistic and influential change on hip hop culture that the new generation will follow.

But I still believe he has the cv and determination when focused to make that change. Although his outbursts need to stop being so frequent.

From Jay Z to even Rick Ross, they have had that transition from being the voices of the street to bosses of the industry. Meek needs to decide if he's still that voice with his music or that voice behind the scenes.


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