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when i caught up with dizzle ap

I had a quick catch up with Luton MC and artist Dizzle AP, after his 5 track EP ‘Silver Lining’ has had a couple of months to marinate.

To somebody who’s never heard of you before – how would you describe who ‘Dizzle AP’ is?

Dizzle AP is an artist who fused Grime and Drill together and created a new sound which is current. I was born and raised in Luton, have 2 mixtapes with some of the best songs you would hear and a new EP called Silver Lining which is out now.

What's your relationship with Jammer and how did you guys first link up?

Jammer is family, he gets shown love and respect from my people and it’s the same on his side. I learn a lot when I’m around him, not only musically but I also take elements I can use in personal life situations. We first met up after an Instagram post I had mentioned him in. He liked what I was saying in a song, he called me, we went studio to record the song ‘Wave & Jagga’ and the rest is history.

The versatility on Silver Lining is evident, what were your thoughts for the EP before you put it all together?

I make music based off energy and emotion, which led me to make these songs on the EP. I knew that I wanted to give my audience a better insight of myself and not be scared of versatility and therefore box myself in with regards to creativity.

Are there any particular artists who influence you? What would we find on your playlist?

I grew up on Grime, I get influence from people such as Roll Deep, Boy Better know, More Fire Crew, Heartless, Ghetts, Giggs, even some of the current UK artists. I have a mixture on my playlist, right now I’m messing with DBE’s new tape PTSD.

A stand out track for me, especially with relation to the current socioeconomical climate, is Life Of Mine, which to me seems to illustrate the harsh realities of life for many young people across the UK. What advice would you give to a younger you? / Any young people who are struggling right now?

I think the most important thing is to keep good company around you, always stay focused and believe in yourself. I am living proof that you can achieve what you want to do and I will continue to do so.

This EP seems to demonstrate your versatility, talent, delivery and flow, but what can we expect in the next year from yourself?

I’m only going to get better and continue building on my craft, I go through new life situations everyday, so I’m always going to have something to Rap about, so new music is always coming. I have started to take more of an interest in fashion, so I may have to reach out to Virgil!


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