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If 2019 is the year of OFB who is claiming 2020?

Every year a UK Drill crew stands out to the point where the just claim that year, or a least a season of that year. 2019 has certainly been the year of OFB, So who's going to take over 2020?

We've gathered some predictions from twitter, Youtubers, our own label execs, A&Rs and producers.

7th (AV the Producer's Prediction)

"Quite frankly Yanko is a mad man, and Woosh is great song writer, look at his HB freestyle. YB and the rest are hard still." Woosh, Y.CB, R1, YB would be a solid line up for a 7th mixtape, and features from the likes of S13, Yanko and Stickup x Broadday would round out the tape nicely. S13 was a promising up and comer before he got locked, and I agree, yanko is most definitely a mad man. Woosh has a flow that is so technical and hard to replicate, it makes him original and standout as leader of the pack in CB's absence.

"Honestly there isn't much to choose from, but 7th street are definitely contenders, but you can't for get 150, with the way M24 is going on, you can't write them off"

ZOne 2 (Editor's Prediction)

I've made the prediction for a variety of reasons but one of them is that now that karma is out, one of the best drill duos ever can make tunes together again. Karma and kwengface still have one of the best behind barz freestyles on the whole series. It was so cruddy that foot asylum had to pull their sponsorship. With trizzac and lr improving not only their work rate but their actual ability. Zone 2 have good projects out with known zoo and hillside zoo, and i'm looking forward to seeing what 2020 holds for them if PS makes it home at any point in 2020.

Ofb (Walkz' Prediction)

"OFB ain't gonna slow down. It's literally because there's so many of them. Munie, regardless of what you think of them is being extremely consistent and working on collabs that are beneficial like the Tynee (Duzdiz) one. You have newcomers like Dezzie and JS who are coming through. Blitty & Kush are releasing again and it's only a matter of time before Bradz, Kash and hopefully SJ come home. Pair that with Headie RV & Lowkey, how do you stop them?"

This one is quite self-explanatory.

150 (wildcard)

150, GBG, UPtop, whatever you want to call them, they have been crushing the competition for years. m24 and stickz are on brilliant runs as a duo as well as individuals, but the rest of the members have had highlights this year. After Mr Reload asked twitter what the best drill tune of the year was, he was spammed with m24 mentions with good reason, because "We don't dance" showed him and stickz dropping a smash hit. Grizzy and mayhem dropped "justin Bieber" this year and that song absolutely slaps. With S wavey and Jboy still making music with plenty of other friends in the scene, a 150 tape could be the best of 2020. but on factor that is currently an unknown that could change everything, is if mdargg returned to making music again. lest we forget that mdargg has one of the best opening drill verses of all time (150 - salute) and that could prove vital for 150 to conquer 2020.

410 (SK's prediction)

In theory, 410 could have the strongest line up on this list, with BT, rendo and TS as ogs in the scene, alongside skengdo and AM as superstars and youngers coming up such as lil Rass and As ian macquiad (A&R at moves recordings) said himself on twitter, if the 410 tape drops in 2020, it could be a wrap, especially with long time favorites Sparkz and Blackz returning to music and hopefully featuring on the tape. Honestly, it's a really shame that Jayslapit wouldn't be able to contribute, because that would have just been perfect. Trapping and stacking was declared drill song of the year by UDN, who's says 410 can't recreate that fire in 2020.

NPK (Uk Drill Insider's prediction)

"They could be the new Y.OFB, they've racked up millions of views this year without an official video or release on streaming platforms. Imagine if they actually try in 2020. At the same time, it could be none of these crews because we're seeing a lot of solo artists blowing up without direct ties to a crew or music group. just name a few examples, Frosty, SD Muni, teeway and Digdat. This trend might continue"

This is an interesting prediction with an insightful point made from the uk drill insider, many solo drill artists have popped up this year and my personal favourite being fizzler. we simply just need to get to know them more, personally, i'm not familiar with any of the members, but if they started dropping some official releases in 2020 anything is possible.

Homerton (Lippy's prediction)

"Imma have to go with Homerton, not just because of KO, the line is strong. ko, Jimmy, v9 and kilo keemzo"

Ko and v9 have both had a good run this year with "homerton sensei" and "drill shakespeare" as well as jimmy and kilo keemzo who are solid newcomers to the scene with good next up freestyles and features with some singles sprinkled in there. Homerton are positioned to make Unknown T proud, and with the friends featured in their crib session (link above) that's not the extent of their line up and a homerton tape would be exciting. the possibility of v9 and Jimmy teaming up with hitman x DA for a tune? very promising indeed.

Harlem Spartans (twitter's prediction)

we took to twitter to ask who their favourite This prediction comes due to the impact of one man, and that is mizormac. some might say "is the return on one member so important" but when that member is mizormac, its a complete game changer. To a quote made in response to response to our poll:

"2020 is either the year for drill where mizormac does a madness or it will completely die as a genre" @3LITEJ3MZ

Although Blanco isn't making drill anymore, he's still very much repping harlem and as far as i'm concerned that's a good thing. it gives the group some variety in sounds. With so many members making music again such as trapfit, zico, active alongside leading members such as bis, blanco and Mizormac, we could see the return of harlem's golden days when tracks like "dj khaled" and "kennington where it started" dropped.

Was your favorite on here? spam our socials if it wasn't, but only time will tell who's right in the end.


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