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Who is the king of grime?

When you ask "Who's the King Of Grime?" You'll get a million different answers.

I don't believe to be the king you have to be the most popular or liked. It's more about what are your contributions to the culture right now.

So I've selected 4 grime artist who I feel could claim the title.

Jme Arguably the most consistent grime artist of all time. Never shifted away from the sound and does it his own way. His latest album "Grime Mc" charted without streaming and is critically acclaimed.

Novelist One of the leader's pushing this current grime generation forward. The reload king has dominated the underground and received a Mercury Prize nomination. Arguably the most quotable mc of his era.

P Money Pound for pound one of the best grime lyricists of all time. P is a veteran that hasn't lost a step and has been battle tested in some of grimes best clashes. Feared and respected, P has more than earned his legendary and respected, P has more than earned his legendary status.

Dot Rotten The most controversial pick but his talent can't be ignored. One of the genre's most gifted & influential mc's/producer's, Dot is talented as he is outspoken. His current output attacking grime figures had the scene on notice, Turning the genre into royal rumble and taking on anyone.


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