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Wize The Producer is breathing new life into grime

The talent in grime has for years been known to lie on the production side. Even some of the best MCs - Dizzee, Wiley, Skepta, Dot, Merky Ace - are heavyweight producers in their own right. WIZE is a testament to this fact. The producer / MC / DJ has been an underrated talent for a long time, and this summer he’s proven it.

In a stream of remixes, WIZE has unearthed several old school grime freestyles that haven’t been appreciated in well over a decade.

Inspired by Knxwledge, the lo-fi rap producer in the states who has released several wavy, funky and exciting remixes of old school Meek Mill freestyles - WIZE saw to do the same with the old grime legends that built the scene.

Adding a breath of fresh air to Practice Hours, SBTV, Westwood and F Radio, WIZE gives his forward thinking take on bars from the likes of Skepta, Giggs, Dot Rotten and Ears, that will be sure to earn a reload any real grime fan.

Have you ever watched a freestyle and felt something along the lines of - “Ah man why did Westwood pick this beat?” Then look no further than this batch of “WIZE EDITS”, as he crafts the perfect beat for the forgotten voices of these legends.

You can check out the vault of content on his YouTube channel below.


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