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"1 Reason" gives you no reasons to hate Ling Hussle

Ling Hussle reminds of one my all-time r'n'b favourite's Cassie. The British R'n'b scene is a pool of talent that I don't think is being mined enough, and Ling Hussle is proof of this.

This track is well delivered on a traditional R'n'b instrumental, and showcases her smooth voice alongside the dreamy atmosphere created by the harmonies.

Ling gives us an interesting twist, because the instrumental would instantly make you think this was love ballad about another guy some girl likes. However, this track is nowhere near that simple, it is a love ballad of sorts, but its directed at her mother, and stands as a proclamation of her appreciation for her mother.

This single comes fresh off the back of the release of her most recent project "Hussle x Dreams", which is where my comparison to Cassie comes from. The album shows Ling use her soft voice to exude so much attitude and sass, the way her words command authority gives her music a layer of complexity some would miss.

Check out this track from the same album and admit the truth, you can't hate on Ling Hussle.


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