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Blackson is bringing Italian grime in with "Outsider"

After the popular singles: "DNA", "Scrittore del Blocco", and the freestyle "Fuoco", the Italian grime rapper Blackson dropped his album "Outsider". Self-produced entirely by Blackson, distributed by the Love University Records label of Francesco Grassi, producer and DJ of Mama Marja's, as well as a pioneer of black music in Italy since 1990.

Outsider is a mix of all the musical influences that Blackson picked up from growing up in Italy and moving to England in 2015, (Grime, Trap, Garage, Afro Trap). The concept of the whole project is embodied in the single "Outsider" where Blackson talks about the fact that he always felt like a fish out of water, both in Italy and in Ghana. On the cover, he wanted to depict the face painting typical of Ghanaian culture with the Adinkra symbol of the Siamese crocodiles which means "unity in diversity".

In this record, the rapper tells us about himself and his youth as a black boy who tried to establish himself in a different world, which sometimes finds it hard to accept diversity. In the track “La fame”, he empathizes with the Italian people who have experienced his own “struggle”, his own effort in trying to establish himself as a man and artist. While in the track "Outsider" (which gives the album the title), Blackson reaffirms and supports his African culture with great pride.

The Italian rapper, has also participated recently to some freestyles sessions, with the UK Grime Godfather Wiley, held at one of his studios in London. You can stream the album on all digital platforms here


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