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Did C1 drop the best 'Back In Blood' remix? It's definitely one of them.

What I appreciate about a remix is how the rapper makes the song their own. Either building on the template the original artist did, or taking the record in a different direction.

What I hate most is when rappers just make a poor imitation of the original. This is a common problem when UK rappers remix American singles.

Some just copy the flow of the original and don't add their signature touches that we were looking forward to.

C1 doesn't do this on his remix to the 2020 banger by Pooh Shiesty ft Lil Durk 'Back In Blood'

Processing one of the best flows in UK Drill, C1 uses this perfectly. Finding the pockets where his rhyme patterns and cadence can shine the best.

Drill rappers from our sides don't always sound good over US hip hop production but C1 just glides over this 'YC' production.

If I had criticism, his hook isn't as strong as the original but still he doesn't disappoint and continues his great momentum for the year. Some more record's of this quality and C1 could be one of the MVP's of the year.

For me one of the strongest remix drops of 2021.


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