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2Busy is 2busy in the studio making bangers like "Nandos"

2Busy has the foundation of a drill rapper that could put him on next year's FF Freshman list with his latest track "nandos".

"Giving a range of Dips like Nandos" is one of the many punchlines on this track that shows his potential, and that's just in the hook. The verses have just as many quotables and the song as whole show that he has the basics of songwriting down.

The way 2 Busy transitions between flows in the first verse is clean, and that is something even experienced MCs either struggle with, or are scared to even attempt.

A grievance I would have, as that the hook is great, but you almost don't realize the hook has arrived because the transition is too subtle.

This could be fixed by beginning the song with the hook rather than the verse on this track, because that is how the song gets its name and that concept is tied to visuals. (Yes, there is a reason why he's holding the Nandos bag)

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Track Artwork for 2 Busy - Nandos

The production from JXBeats is noteworthy with a melody that is well put together, however I personally don't like how the bassline is mixed, and the whole track feels like it's mixed too low.

This is a great follow up from his debut "Inspector Calls", the young MC from Clapton has a bright future ahead if he keeps up the work rate, and shows what he is capable of on a body of work.

Instagram: @2busy_grafting


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