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3jayslapit shows 410 taking their top spot back

AM x Skengdo have returned from their short haitus with "3jayslapit", and all the "410 fell off" comments need to stop, IMMEDIATELY. The opening verse from Skengdo is reminiscent of when he was Y.Rendo, with a punchy flow and lyrics that channel his anger.

AM's hook makes the focus of the song clear, as much as this sounds like common sense, many rappers fail to stay on topics they have set for the track. The audio of a phone call with slapit is a nice touch, As well as having the T-shirts and the legendary stunt biker "who5dat" present, completes the visuals by PacmanTV who worked with us for the #bigdripchallenge.

We don't need to remind you about their discography, but some of you might be unfamiliar with slapit. His next up freestyle could be considered legendary, and it has been taken down because quite frankly he was extremely rude. He has been an elite 410 member for a long time, and if you don't know that much, consult his verse on "WYDM".

The instrumental with the piano melody where the kick drum comes in and out of the track is perfect for the flow Skengdo used. Who produced this? Ask Karlos.

The Audio is also out now on all digital platforms


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