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98s coming strong with UK Drill Hit "Taco"

Holly Street and Homerton have teamed to form a brand new Drill collective "98s". following up their debut "Homerton2Holly" with "taco".

the line up for this song is slightly different than their debut, with the full line up being V9, Billy Billions, AlChubbino, Jimmy and Stally. V9 gives that signature aggresive he's known for but personally, Billy Billions steals the show with the melodic rapping on his verse and it's almost a shame that it wasn't used a hook. Jimmy has been a powerful force as a new representative for homerton and really does them justice here, as well as Stally coming clean with the delivery on both this track and the 98s debut "Homerton2holly"

Produced by Masonxbeats, they managed to create something special with the harmonic synths on the melody and the more intense 808s. The camera work from Neron Power along with the color grading on the edit makes this song complete in everywhere. fans will be excited to see what the 98s have in future for the rest of 2020 as they're off to a smashing start.


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