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Aaron Unknown reflects on his own pain and brings the best in Yizzy in "Me, Myself and I"

AAron unknown should be anything but unknown, and this track shows that he's always been hungry in more ways than one.

the piano and strings (i wanna guess cello rather than a double bass but i am not sure) used in the melody set the tone of the song well, it's a song of self-reflection of his own journey through poverty, adversity, discouragement and pain. Aaron shows his passion with lyrics such as "caught writing bars in stock room too many times get sacked from a day shift." He displays hunger for success in music without being obsessed with fame, and juxtaposes that with actual hunger and poverty.

Speaking of hunger, the addition of Yizzy to this track isn't just good for the track, it's good for Yizzy too. It brings out more of the frustrations he vented in "3 minutes to live", but this works better because of the calmer tone of his voice, making him sound more sincere which allows him to emote better. Yizzy bring his own perspective, as his connection to the problems of gang culture brings different experiences of pain that are still relevant. Alongside that, the sense of self-reflection is still there, especially when touching on the thought process of carrying a knife being motivated by fear, rather than ego.

The transition between their verses is a nice touch, and shows the how their stories of pain as different but also extremely similar. It rounds out the concept with the title "Me, myself and I", where we can be obsessed with our own struggles and inconsiderate of others.

Is this the smash hit you were looking for? no. Is the easily consumable music you can just slap on a playlist? no. IS this a party tune? no. Is this song still great and shows the strength of on artist and huge amount of promise and growth from the other? Most definitely

Both Aaron Unknown's "The Journey" EP and Yizzy's "Welcome to Grime Street" are out now, be sure to give them a listen to understand why both of them coming together on a track like this makes so much sense.


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