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Abigail drops Liar

Rising rapper Abigail Asante has dropped her vibrating new single 'Liar".

Abigail i s confident and bold on this track, as she spits bars layered with intricate wordplay and double meanings. The rapper is referring without filters at ex-lovers,f ormer friends, and whoever has brought any negative vibes into her life.

the production is from leo beatz, The visual is well executed with some sleek shots and with some nice choreography from Abigail

this was she means with the song:

"A lot of people are trying to work out who I’m talking about, I’m gonna keep that to myself and keep them guessing..!"
"I’m talking about bad minded people. I talk about my character, how I’ve always got people’s back even if they may not appreciate it, I talk about my past friendships, and I talk about my ex, but I don’t want to say which ex in particular.. I’m trying to stay away from drama but there are definitely a couple of digs in that song. If the shoe fits then, boy..!"


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