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abracadabra "Cadabra Freestyle" is his best performance to date

Abracadabra fan's have been waiting for their artist to get the shine he deserves. With the positive response to his recent releases from "Remember Me" which came out last year, the North London rapper hasn't stopped. Showing his versatility with singles "Baby" & "Superstar" but dropping bangers like "Big Flick Freestyle" and arguably one of the best verses of the year on "Let Man Know" Now AB is back with another one and it's him in top form. Produced by Chris Rich who's been on a roll this year, AB shows he's not meant to be underestimated and is one of the primer voices in our scene. From his instant recognisable voice and dynamic ad-libs, to his use of flows that come quickly with tight precision. Even his coded dialect with discussing his Opps is elite level that only fan's of UK Drill culture will understand. I put this freestyle above his "Mad About Bars" as his best performance on record right now. Easily one of the best of the year.

Abra is ready to take centre stage and it'll be hard to get in his way. #crudBUTprofessional


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