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Alicai Harley Silky "I Just Wanna Know"

Alicai Harley dropped her new single “I Just Wanna Know”, paying homage to american R&B star Ashanti with her iconic sample “ Always on Time”. Alicai is using her voice in a stunning way, making slick transitions between smooth vocals and fiery rap spit, showing her amazing versatility.

The visual is a kaleidoscopic silky dream of pastels,(pinks, lilac and white),directed by Rebekahbcreative.

alicai says about her song:

“This song reminds me of my younger self… back when I was rapping,” explains Harley. ‘That’s what I wanted to bring back. And it’s touching on real subjects, on a real relationship. I wanted this to feel like my own version of 50 Cent’s ‘21 Questions.’”


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