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Ama Lou brings back old school R&B with ‘We Tried, we tried.’

R&B is a genre with a diverse sound – you have the upbeat, singalong 90s classics, and the dark and moody sounds we enjoy in modern times. As long as you have a good voice I’m easy for whatever instrumental choices you make.

On her latest EP, up and coming name in R&B Ama Lou surprisingly has a firm grasp on whatever she handles.

With the latest video for a standout on last year’s ‘Ama, who?’ EP, North London raised Ama refreshingly takes us back to more classic R&B sounds, bring a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the early 2000s. She even got a nod of approval from Alicia Keys on Genius' "The Cosign"

The song is made up of a lot more live instrumentation than you would usually hear in R&B these days – the guitars provide a hypnotic vibe and an upbeat bounce, the bass hits you in your gut with a nice refrain and the pianos give you some beautiful melodies. The drums have a classic hip-hop influence, knocking out a hard two-stepping rhythm but this shouldn’t be a surprise – the tune is produced by NYC hip-hop legend Hi-Tek of Reflection Eternal fame.

The most important instrument however, is definitely Ama herself. Her voice is smooth and has a lot of power and range, effortlessly hitting the highs and the lows in the melody. She’s definitely a standout talent as a singer and utilises her voice to sing about a relationship that didn’t go as well as she’d hoped. As she beautifully repeats ‘we both know it’s over’, she paints a picture of a relationship that is hanging on a thread; they might put up with each other but the couple feel better apart than together. They tried, but it might have to end.

The video is well produced and well executed too; directed by and featuring Ama herself, she dresses up as an old couple (yeah, she somehow plays both parts and pulls it off) and tells a light hearted story about an old married couple that don’t really rate each other too highly. You can watch that below and if you’re an R&B fan, the rest of the ‘Ama, who?’ EP won’t disappoint.


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