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UK R&B is strong as AV and Osh team up for "Talk to Me"

If were are being honest, the genre that is birthing the most raw and fresh talent currently out of the UK, despite who big or small the artists may be, is definitely the UK R&B scene. This collaboration between AV Allure and Osh adds to the stack of evidence to make a case for this argument.

With Av's previous history as a song writer and Osh with a viral hit already under his belt, they both prove to be promising artists in the budding stages of their careers. The vocal performances from both artists are exceptional, but unique, at least in respect to each other.

Av offers smooth harmonies and a boyish attitude, picking a melody that directly compliments the overtones of the instrumental. On the other hand, Osh shows his vocal range sitting octave above the instrumental's melody, and damn can he hold those high notes well.

Its that silky seductive style of R&B that is more for the bedroom setting rather than the club setting, but is certainly no less impressive.

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"Talk 2 Me" Artwork


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