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Avelino dropped another hard freestyle, so when is his album dropping?

Avelino is currently on a brilliant singles run with tracks such as "Higher Power" and "Cassius Clay" with Dave, and now we have a quick freestyle on Pop Smoke's Brooklyn Drill anthem "Welcome to the Party". A singles run like this usually means there is an album dropping, but I am sorry to disappoint you, we have no idea when.

Avelino strays from a punchline heavy take on pop smoke's "Welcome to the party", and instead gives us a testimony in the form of a freestyle. The classic rags to riches story is on this track, a journey of sorts, but the flow switches keep you engaged and his delivery is a smooth as ever. The growth in confidence through the adversity he's faced whilst throwing in sly brags such as "Never had a top 10 but i'm top 10 top tier man what an injustice".

Despite this, you almost tell this is just filler for a project, and it just leaves us waiting in anticipation for when it drops. Avelino seemed to just want to have some fun with this one, but Even when Avelino isn't at his best, he's still better than most of you, and this freestyle proves it.


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