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Long Live UK Afro-bashment with "Bad Breed"

Footsteps & Big Zeeks represent afrobeats and UK dancehall respectively for this uk afro-bashment track "bad Breed", and a its w hole heap of fun and good vibes.

Footsteps out of his traditional afrobeats style to lay down a dancehall style hook for this track, which makes complete when he says "Afro or Caro, she move paro cuz she can't tell". big zeeks rounds it our perfectly with his verse and the beat switch was no problem for him either adapting his flow perfectly. It certainly has the modern dancehall trends in the beat whilst there are elements of beats with the hand drum used as well

Poking fun at the old rivalry between africans and carribeans, the music video tells a hilarious story of a home date between an african woman and the Caribbean man (played by Footsteps for the sake of the video). All I will say is the look of disgust in the face of this african mother when she opens the pot to find rice and peas in her pot is hilarious. Make sure you give this video a go and this tune will certainly be on your playlist for raving at the weekend.


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