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Ban Drill ?!

The iconic rap duo, Krept and Konan are back with another banger however this time on a much talked about controversial topic currently surrounding the UK music industry.

The duo teamed up with award winning story teller, Rapman who is credited as the film producer to address the topic - Should Drill Music be banned?

With powerful visuals, they narrate a story of an up and coming artist with two different endings to his story. one ending shows his music being taken down from YouTube therefore forcing him back into the life of drugs and crime which eventually leads to his death. the other half of the cameo shows him being allowed to continue using music as an outlet and as a means to get off the streets with a way to still be able to provide for his family.

I must say I applaud the rap duo for using their platform to speak up for drill artists as this allows the world to hear what would normally be the voice of the minority ignored by the wider public. Drill music has received a lot of bad press in the past and has constantly been portrayed in the media as a genre associated with violence and gangs. In fact many artists have found themselves in trouble with the police for ‘inciting violence through the use of music'.

Konan has always been open about his past life choices and has publicly said that music saved his life. I can only hope that exposure on this topic from not just self proclaimed experts but those who actually come from deprived estates and impoverished families will show the public that for many of these artists, this is their way out of a vicious cycle. society shouldn’t stifle their creativity nor deprive them of the opportunity to speak on their truths. Music is a form of expression. Wouldn’t we rather they expressed themselves with words ?


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