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Belly Squad infiltrating the UK pop scene again.

Belly squad made a late entrance into 2019 with the single "Birdy" despite gaining a lot of momentum with their breakthrough track banana. Now it looks like they are following up with "change" with a unexpected feature of RV.

radio-friendly afro-swing bangers is the Belly squad specialty and "Change" is another great addition to the catalog. The instrumental is perfect for the club and party setting and it's already making waves on radio playlists thanks to Selecta YB (Radio Plugger).

The feature from the prince of Tottenham himself actually threw me off a bit. "calm and collected" isn't usually the tone that you get from RV's verses, but that's pretty much what you get here and it works. On the Youtube version, i find it hard to believe that would fly on prime-time radio, especially with the second 4 bar. however i'm sure YB had a radio version sorted to mitigate that problem.


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