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Benji flow puts an afro spin on a 70s folk classic

There is nothing wrong with putting a modern spin on a classic, although that is something that is currently being overdone to the point of exhaustion. Benjiflow certainly doesn't fit into that category with his take on Dolly Barton's "Jolene"

Benji offers us an upbeat modern take on the folk classic along with a slight change in the theme of the song. Jolene acts as the love interest that is simply giving as a huge headache, and despite that we love her anyway.

Considering that, its amazing how uplifting the song sounds, with an intricately layered set of piano melodies to get us dancing. on top of that, the drum pattern and the tempo of the track is closer to funky house, which shows how benji is very intentional with his song writing.

Funky house has always been a sound that shines with catchy hooks and love interests as a theme, and benji utilizes these aspects of the sound to make this track exactly what he wants it to be. He may not have necessarily been thinking of funky house when he did this, but his music is led by his emotions, and he injects the feelings he wants you to experience into this track.

Keep a look out for benjiflow in the future, the way his mind works is fascinating.


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