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Berna sets up for the release of his EP with single 'Poppin'

Berna's hard work and sleeper hits over the past few years have earned him a name, and are looking to materialise into this week's debut project, 'poor little rich kid'.

Preceding that EP is 'Poppin', a short but sweet lead single with a clean music video to match. the song plays to berna's strengths, as he paints a picture of his lifestyle over a bouncy, 808-packed trap beat.

the dark, moody and playful pianos laced by akaali set the stage for berna to flow over, as he hits you with flex after flex. he speeds up and switches up the flow masterfully as he sees fit, flipping between mocking his opps and giving pure money talk.

it's a cool but simple song; catchy and repetitive, cutting all the fat out and going straight to the money.

you can catch the video below and stream the full album on streaming services.


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