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Big Heath is quite literally a Big ball of fun with "Clapback"

Almost every rapper gets to a point where they get hate in the youtube comments, and some get it more than others. Some might make a song that does address the issue, but only Big Heath would take this far and make a track is which absolutely hilarious.

Your Nan's favourite rapper takes youtube comments from his previous music videos, and claps back at them. It's a simple concept but not only is it comedy gold, it's actually just a good rap song.

The instrumental is a rehash of a 90's rap beat, nothing special but not really important either. The bars are actually hilarious, the fact that he doesn't take himself seriously means you can relax and enjoy his music easily, and most importantly, laugh. Whether it's clapping back at small dick jokes with a mom joke of his own, or even if it's embracing the nerd label that's attached to him and the reality that charlie Sloth is the more famous and richer fat white guy.

Briefly putting the comedy aside, Big Heath can actually rap and is not just a comedy gimmick. "Clapback" uses multiple flows and rhyming schemes all whilst staying on the topic that the concept sets out. That doesn't just show a good rapper, that's a good artist.

Even the music video, it's so simple, but him sitting on top of that car looks ridiculous, and the clip at the end showing how he got up there is priceless.

Big Heath is just as talented as the UK rappers you like listening to, but the range of emotions that you get from his music is different. He has plenty of promise and the potential for collaborations is certainly there. I could imagine him teaming up with Lunar C, Window Kid or Devilman simply because their senses of humour could be complimentary. Sure, he won't give your fix of violence, and his instrumentals don't drive his records as much, but he definitely will make you laugh and impress you at the same time.


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