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Big Sean is coming home with Detroit 2

Big Sean is back with a new album stuffed with starred, and emerging featurings. In Detroit 2. The rapper invites everyone to the party. Anderson Paak, Diddy, Young Thug, Post Malone, Eminem, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhene Aiko, and even the late Nipsey Hussle (featured on Deep Reverence) all make fantastic contributions. Sean also enlists legends like Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Dave Chappelle to appear in three different versions of “Story,” a format he has used with great effect in Detroit with Common, Snoop Dogg and Jeezy.

Now, eight years later, Detroit, Sean is offering his sequel. With the help of Key Wane and Hit-Boy, who team up with Sean in executive producing duties, The Detroit rapper focuses on building a reputation as a positive rapper who prefers to count his fortunes instead of money. Having become a pioneer of music driven by important messages, Big Sean is proud of his growth.

Consciousness music isn't everything, but Sean has always shone the brightest when he could share some sort of motivational speech or some wisdom pills - which is precisely why a track like “Full Circle” is profound. The sleepy beat of the drums and the aching sound of the piano leave time and space for a thoughtful Sean, who is j oined by Diddy and KeY Wane, to examine the intricacies of karma.

The instrumentals on this album are definitely not the most important and interesting part, too many producers have mixed the various sounds on the same piece (“Harder than my Demons” is an example with 6 different producers), creating bulky pieces that lack direction and incisiveness from a sonic point of view.

The opening track "Why Should I Stop?, sets the mood for the entire album, with a lethal combination of first class lyricism, penetrating lines and a mature and thoughtful ethos. Here, Big Sean reintroduces the masses to a new and improved version of himself. Produced by Hit-Boy and Roget Chahayed.

Big Sean casts flows like these throughout Detroit 2, examining the current state of the world, the hip-hop scene and his own life as he continues to evolve as a person and artist.

In the autobiographical "Lucky Me", Sean vividly describes himself.

He candidly reports that at the age of 19 he was diagnosed with a heart disease and that instead of operating as he was initially advised, he received a magnesium treatment, on the advice of oriental medicine and continues into criticizing the faults of the American medical system and the purchase of the villa of the rock star Slash (of Guns N 'Roses).

Detroit 2 is a magnificent fusion of Big Sean's lyrical arsenal. He leaves behind witty jokes, a slew of cadences, his meditative practices that support a healthy lifestyle, introspective writing and his unrepentant vulnerability, which it's definitely his superpower throughout the project.

The rapper has finally found himself at a point in his life where the external noise of critics and the internal noise of his demons have diminished and soothed, so finally he can just enjoy his creativity.

watch the video "Lithuania" feat. Travis Scott

Detroit 2 is an ambitious project to say the least. With a whopping 21 tracks, the album attempts to cover a lot of ground but it could have used some trimming. While there are no disposable or filler tracks and all tracks have intentionality, this collection could have easily been consolidated into two volumes.

Surely, Big Sean's growth as an artist and above all, as a human being it’s the common thread that binds Detroit 2 together. The complexity of the human experience, told by the vast experiences of Sean's life, emerges and we can feel it all. Enduring the pressures of public relations, tension with other MCs, constant criticism, and mounting pain as he becomes more comfortable with himself[ have all shaped Big Sean's artistic talent, and Detroit 2 is proof of that. It's one of Big Sean's strongest endeavors and one that should make Motor City proud.

Watch the video. of" Body Language" feat. Ty Dollar $ign & Jhene Aiko


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