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harlem spartans are one of the leading collectives in uk drill. you could argue 2019 has been a quiet year for the group but their artist have been dropping solid releases.

with loski and ondrills currently inside, mizormac soon to be released and their videos being targeted by law enforcement blanco and bis have been steadily carrying the brand over the last few months.

collaborating on the wavy songle "i don't mind". harlem have always been complemented on their production choices. instead of using a typical aggressive hard hitting instrumental, they go for a lighter touch.

a more subdue beat that gives space for blanco x bis to be creative with flows.

blanco for me is having a underrated 2019 year. all his releases have been solid and perfect additions to his growing catalogue. when it comes to flow and rhyme patterns he is known to be unique and different from many others.

taking his time mixing coded wordplay with unpredictable flow patterns that fit well in the pockets of any beat.

bis who isn't the most famous member from the collective but has appeared on some the groups most influential releases and has solid verse contributions.

going bait face, this isn't a vibe i would expect him on but he adapts with ease.

like his fellow spartan, bis is nice with the wordplay, but keeps the crude talk easy to understand that gives it more impact with his vocal performance.

going back to back, they complement each other well but sound far from similar to keep the track interesting.

with the wavy visuals from @mayowahd adding to the track brilliantly. don't count out the boys from kennington just yet.


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