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Bold predictions for the careers of Russ & CGM

once friends now enemies, the fallout from the russ & cgm fiasco gripped the uk drill & uk music scene.

russ being one of the most popular uk artist right now while cgm being one of the fastest growing uk drill collectives at this moment.

after having a massive public fallout with possessions being stolen & artist being recalled back to prison, everyone is waiting for whats to come next.

then the south London mc dropped "playground" taking shots at cgm and showcasing that crud talk and "crashment" flow he's famous for.

but what will happen going forward.

well let me give you some bold predictions on what will happen going for both acts.

1. russ will truly embrace his love him or hate me persona in the mainstream.

Floyd mayweather jnr knew from early that you could monetise a villain persona for extreme financial gain. before the success of "gun lean" russ was a controversial figure who gave no fcks. with him being betrayed by his former friends, this could be the new direction he could go in.

2. the buzz from cgm will decline

cgm formerly 1011 have had a fast but complicated journey in the industry. from the famous police injunction, digga d having a mvp calibre year but going prison, beef with ofb and so on.

Sav'O & Horrid1 dropped the well received "Violent Siblings" but the brand as a whole are losing extreme momentum. with music moving so fast and with many members behind bars it's gonna have an effect.

3. digga d will compete with russ in mainstream circles.

digga d will become a massive star in the scene. while still raw around the edges, he has the charisma, bars, songwriting ability and buzz to get there.

if he hits the ground running on his return (while staying out of trouble) he will break through. while they have collaborated, with the new tension between russ and cgm.

digga and russ could be in direct competition in uk drill and the charts. expect fire works.

4. russ or cgm could work with their opponents rival.

with these two act's being some of the most controversial personalities, they have many detractors in the scene.

so we could see some interesting collaborations coming. but with them having many similar rivals in music, the list of features could be small but still very interesting.


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