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Boy Nash '4 Sides' Single review.

When I listen to a new song and I get the feeling "I like it but I want something more" it conflicts me.

Nothing is wrong with the record but something is missing from your experience. I had that emotion when I first listened to '4 Sides' by Boy Nash.

If I wrote my review after my first listen I would of felt underwhelmed. But me knowing Nash is a deep thinker I had to be missing something.

I could be wrong but this feels like a piece of a even larger puzzle that Boy Nash is creating. Explaining the 4 side's of himself as he explained in the intro.

A overall narrative explaining who this artist and man is. I may of misjudged and thought we was getting all that info on one track. Which is fine by me.

I liked to be challenged by someone's art so that's probably why on my first listen I felt something was missing.

His EP 'Love & Frequencies' should have the answers I'm looking for when it's finally released.

Which has now become one of my most anticipated projects of this year.

The storytelling on '4 Sides' leaves me wanting more from the overall narrative by Boy Nash but appreciating his ability to craft a captivating experience.

Producer E Hill laced a perfect beat for Nash to showcase he ability to paint a picture while being an engaging performer.

His vocal inflections on certain bars was elite level.

I am genuinely intrigued to see how Nash navigates thorough his ep and what soundscapes and moods he will choose to tell his story.

It's a story that many including myself can relate to.

The single may not have grabbed me as much as the overall narrative but the song must be special to have me anticipating what Nash is going to do next.


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