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Introducing you to SB/SB2times, the next woman to make her mark in UK Rap

It's exciting to see the start of more women stepping into UK "Real Rap". Whilst women have had plenty of success in Drill or breaking into the mainstream as Pop rappers via Drill, the grittiness of Real Rap and the stories of pain and strife that come with it had only been truly manifested recently in the form Dibo Brown and Lavida Loca. That is until now, Meet SB aka SB2Times.

Her debut song (from what I understand this is her debut) truly excited me, to see a woman entering the UK Real Rap scene where she still fits in with those currently established within it such as Potter Payper, Rimzee and Nines, whilst still bringing something new to the table. This isn't something I had seen since Lavida Loca and Dibo Brown so I was quite engaged with it on first listen. SK Beats does great on the instrumental, it gives SB the sound that she's looking for the speak her truth. The grit/crud is very much there and she clearly raps with conviction.


Following this, she was invited to be a part of the launch of the "Succession Freestyle" platform, a women-led freestyle series hosted by Mixtape Madness. SB shows a good amount of improvement in a short amount of time, I found the flows were a lot cleaner and engaging on this freestyle than her debut single. Maybe this beat from Adzbeats was more suited to her flow because of the different drums patterns creating different pockets in the beat for her to rap in.

"If I'm lying I'm dying guess I'll be round for a while"

With a debut single and freestyle on a respectable platform under her belt, the only way for SB is up as she makes her entrance into the UK Rap Scene.

Follow SB:

Twitter: @sb2times

Instagram: @sb2times


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