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'Brixton boys' Be the best

with the release of 'back like we never left'

by am and skengdo, a wave of new sounds emerged from the boys conveying their range and diversity throughout the mixtape. within the mixtape 'brixton boys' stood out as it showcased brixton's distinct sound that is not just rap

the features: Sneakbo and new upcoming artist (Lagos artist) oxlade provide a collision of Brixtons finest and the talent that thrives within it.

as sneaky opens the track he delves into the reality of living within brixton; having to work his way through hardship in order to elevate and now having music and 'shutting down shows' as the result of the reward.

oxlade then compliments the whole song with his melodic and Smooth vocal performance, crafting mellow sound to the track rather than a hardcore drill track.

over all the song reflects skengdo and am's musical growth in terms of diversity and message yet never losing who they really are and always remembering where they came from.


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