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Burna Boy stands Twice as Tall

Burna Boy dropped his new album Twice as Tall on August 14 2020 , featuring the likes of Chris Martin, Stormzy, Youssou N'Dour and Naughty by Nature,

Produced by Diddy, Bosede Ogulu and Burna Boy, the album includes the single Wonderful and 14 other tracks. Production throughout the album features also extensive contributions from Nigeria's Spaceship Collective, as well as touches from Mike Dean, Timbaland and others.

The 29 years old artist has more than earned his place as one of Nigeria’s biggest contemporary exports. His sound is a perfect mixture of Afrobeat, hip-hop, dancehall and afro-fusion blending together traditions and modern vibes.

Burna Boy has spent the past few years concentrating on global expansion. He started to get real attention with his third studio release ‘Outside’, earned a Grammy nomination for last year’s i nternational breakthrough ‘African Giant’ and now is continuing to establish himself with ‘Twice As Tall’.His African roots shine all over the projects, from the single “Wonderful”, where the juju sound of King Sunny Ade is evident and clear, or in "Alarm Clock " jeweled with the powerful horns of Fela Kuti’s original Afrobeat.

With ‘Way Too Big’ Burna Boy celebrates his roots, praising his homeland, he sounds very pleased and sure with himself as the elusive violin softens his vocals. This unique song proves just how experimental afro-fusion can be.

“Wonderful” will just bring you joy, its one of the tunes that just overpowered everyone, with a positive gleeful beat.

According to Burna Boy,

"Wonderful” transcends state lines, barriers, and races.

“Monsters You Made” is raging at injustice of corrupt oil exploiters in the Niger Delta in “ – in which Chris Martin, sings in the hook, leaving Burna Boy to lead the track.

Martin is one of very few features; the only other UK artist on here is Stormzy (who Burna Boy managed to impressively upstage at the Brit Awards last year), who likewise is happy to take the back seat, singing rather than MCing.

Senegalese veteran Youssou N’Dour opens the album, and Kenyan pop band Sauti Sol provide backing on “Time Flies”.

The surprise of the album and especially the surprising feature, is the track with the legendary hip-hop crew Naughty By Nature, every hip-hop fan on this planet will love this track “Naughty By Nature.” ( yes same name as the group) , Not only the song is bouncy, but the contagious vibes will make you want to dance and move at every beat and the vocal performance by burna Boy is way too catchy to ignore.

Twice as Tall is probably less fun than his previous albums, but hey, it’s the world we’re living at the moment. the reflective tone may give a different vision of th e Nigerian artist who incorporates well his current politic view, but still keeping up some of the vibes and some of the carefree issues about girls and everyday life i n general. Twice as Tall i s a perfect mix of rhythms that make you feel to move, but also encourage an awakening for the black community to unite, be self-reliance and powerful.


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