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C biz has dropped one of the best tracks of his career with 'obsession'

After the positive reception towards his documentary "closer" filmed and produced by Linkuptv, the momentum towards the South Kilburn rapper is going from strength to strength

"obsession highlights C biz as one of uk raps most underrated storytellers, able to speak on situations that some can relate to but translate that in a musically authentic way that will gain traction and respect.

c biz is known for his up tempo record's but here he proves that isn't the only lane he can feel comfortable in.

next to his breakout hit "the game is mine" this release is one of his best that will be seen as a diamond in his growing catalogue.

dir. tadas on the visuals and 6ix behind the boards helped bring this vision to life which for me is one of the best releases of 2020.

a must listen.


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