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C1 "bad from birth" put's him in the Running for UK Drill Freshman

C1 has been seen as one of the best young uk drill artist in the scene, known for his slick rhyming schemes, football referencing punchlines and gritty wordplay.

Gaining positive praise from his next up and mad about bars this year, he finally dropped his project "Time will tell"

"bad from birth" sees C1 in fine form. one of his best attributes are his hooks and this song continues to showcase that talent.

C1 is no slouch with his verses either. next to headie one, c1 has the best sports referencing punchlines in uk drill.

Make sure you listen for his wordplay because while the bars come in quick succession, they are done at a very high level. that kobe line was fire.

i'll argue that c1 has one of the best flows of any uk rapper. it's doesn't sound monotone but still feels like c1 is not even breaking a sweat.

his vocal presence is smooth but alert, mixing that with the subject matter, c1 finds those sweet pockets where he can flow like water over any instrumental.

song's like bfb continue to show why the lth artist has been one to watch for a while.


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