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Capo Lee drops single ahead of Project "Heart of a Champ"

Capo Lee has kept his foot on the gas making grime tracks, and he's not slowing down any time soon. Capo Lee has one of those unforgettable flows ever since "Liff". His collaboration mixtape series "Why Not" is now on its third series which shows he's not running out of gas anytime soon.

"Way too long" is our first look into the upcoming mixtape "heart of Champ" and what always interests me personally about Capo is his beat selection. With Lewi B on the buttons, you know what you're expecting in some aspects, but at the same time you really don't. Lewi B plays around with vocal melodies but over a baseline that isn't strictly grime in that sense. It really shows capo's sense of adventure, because he has such a variety of beats that he's conquered and an unorthodox flow to match it.

The music video remind me of the episode of Heroes where Peter petrelli finds himself handcuffed in an empty shipping container. I doubt that this is what capo lee was going for, but the visuals are certainly engaging none the less.

Capo has always been great at hooks with tracks like "Mud", "Liff" "Dream" and "Gyal from Brum", and it's good to see that hasn't changed. Even with punchlines such as "Flows out of this world right now but the earth will do" and the flow that dances on and off the beat, those aren't what excite you about him the most. It's the fact that you genuinely believe he's having fun, I can't remember seeing a music video that capo Lee wasn't smiling in, and this one is no different.


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