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CGE's S13 secures his place on the UK Drill Freshmen List with "Trips"

S13 is name commonly put forward for top 10 youngers in drill, and "Trips" provides the evidence to back it. Produced by SK Beats, S13's verse shines alongside the great hook from Mobz and a solid performance from TT.

S13 isn't a one-trick pony, showcasing two different flows in the same verse, and his word play ability is coming along nicely with quotables such as "Red dead no redemption when your bredrin departed".

Despite having a variety is flows and lyrical ability, he needs something that makes him a distinctive individual, rather than a just good rapper. As odd as that sounds, it makes sense, he need something to make him unique.

The infamous YouTube Channel UK Drill insider published the first half of their UK Drill Freshman List for this year.(if you unaware of their content check it out, it's really good) This song shows how s13 should certainly make the second half.

7th and CGE has popped up all of a sudden with a lot of young talent, and trio made up of both groups could give Y.OFB a run for their money.

UkDrillLDN CGE 7th Street
This was found in the YouTube comments for "Trips", If someone could locate a twitter account for "UKDrillLDN" let us know

Even the community is starting to predict and anticipate this collab, and we might even get a glimpse of it due to a HB Freestyle being in the works.

Would you want to see our UK Drill freshman List? Show this Share and like this post enough and we will give that to you.


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