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Clue returns to drill in link up with OJB's Skeamer and Skore Beezy

OJB have been on a run this year. Skeamer and Skore Beezy have been dropping a number of underrated singles spanning drill and rap - newcomer Sai So stunned drill fans with breakout single Demon Time. Clue similarly has kept the work rate up throughout the quarantine.

But Action brings the two forces together to make an anthem. Skeamer, Skore Beezy and Clue dismantle a minimal and evil Chris Rich production. Skeamer and Skore Beezy glide in and out the pocket easily with cold verses and a catchy hook.

Clue then comes in with an understated but surgical verse - returning on the third verse to go back and forth with Skeamer again.

If you’re a fan of Chris Rich’s work on other singles then you’ll know that you’re in for some heat on this track. You can watch the video below.


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