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Coco and c4 prove that The Garage-Grime combination is undefeated

When you usually think of the Grime-Garage combination, the first names you think of are C4 and Preditah, but this isn't unfamiliar territory for the Sheffield Grime MC or DJ Conducta and "Crowd reaction" proves it.

Coco is well within his element alongside DJ Conducta, and it shows not only this track, but through out their discography. From tracks such as "wanna go" and "Steezing" as well as the various Garage sets from DJ Conducta on Keep Hush and Radar Radio, some of them even featured Coco.

Crowd Reaction shows the DJ-MC tag team of Coco and Conducta in their element, Coco is great with the hooks and the vocal loops are crisp thanks to Conducta. Despite that, a huge shout out has to go to C4, because he vocals are insane on this and always have been. C4 has perfected his singing voice in combination with a skippy grime flow since "off track".

Take a listen to both of their most recent projects which embrace that Grime-Garage cross over with:


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